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    August 2023 - New Call for Investment Projects

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    About US

    The Immuno Therapies, Autoimmunity and Cancer (ITAC) network project is one of the 9 Major Areas of Interest (DIM) selected by the Scientific Council of the Ile-de-France Region for the period 2022-2026. It is coordinated by Prof. Caroline Robert, head of the dermatology department, Inserm research director at Gustave Roussy and professor at the University of Paris-Saclay, and Prof. Xavier Mariette, head of the rheumatology department and Inserm research director at the Kremlin-Bicêtre hospital (AP-HP). Its objective is to create the first integrated ecosystem around immunology, bringing together experts from different disciplines: cancer, autoimmune diseases and immunotherapy.

    The aim of the DIMs is to support research on promising, structuring and breakthrough projects, and to increase the scientific attractiveness of laboratories in the Paris region. ITAC is the first project to be positioned at the crossroads of these three fields: cancer, autoimmune diseases and immunology.

    Immunotherapies have become the “gold standard” for the treatment of many cancers. But these therapies can cause autoimmune diseases with a mirror effect since some of these pathologies are treated by suppressive immunotherapies that can lead to cancer. The main objective of ITAC is therefore to support and federate a network of experts in the Ile-de-France region capable of answering the common questions raised by the advent of anti-cancer immunotherapies and to better understand autoimmune diseases.

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